Company Profile

Company Profile

Pluto is a one of the leading companies in Israel specializing in developing internet solutions and Information Systems Applications (ISA).

Expertise at Pluto

  • Developing and designing web sites for businesses at any level, including portals for leading companies in the Israeli and the international market. The web sites are adjusted to the customer's wishes and according to the business requirements.

  • Developing and designing e-commerce web sites: an advanced self managed
    internet system that is based on knowledge and experience that was gathered from business owners throughout the years. The system is equipped with the capability to execute design adjustment in both Flash and Html tech.

  • Developing and designing unique websites of any kind: lottery sites, news sites, educational software sites, media related sites, forum sites, consumers sites (auctions sites, tenders sites, routing sites for business owners, price comparison sites, etc.). Each and every concept that crosses our costumers mind will become a wining site with Pluto's help.

  • Among our costumers: City council of Natanya, MSN Israel, Siemens Israel, Negev ministry of development.

Those are just some of many other industry leaders among our clients.

Work assumption at Pluto.

Focusing at the ambition to provide the optimal tools that would allow each and every client to manage their own site, at any time from anywhere, immediately, without any limitations or pendency at a professional programmer.

As a foreside, all applications are being backed up with a self-managed system, which provides the administrant a friendly work environment with a convenient approach to all of the elements of the managerial position, and the ability to update at real time in a fluent and an independent way.

Development at Pluto.

High qualified developing team, an advanced designs studio and experience marketing counselors. Excellent contend authors.

All professionals at their field and aiming for one goal- to give our clients a comprehensive product, all at the same place.

Services at Pluto- the jewel of the crown.

Each and every client gets full solution and perfect escort, until the project is done and after words. The warm relation and excellent is being felt at any stage, from designing the web site concept and threw developing, graphic designs, marketing consultations and promotions at search engines, future upgrading and more. This warm relation is the secret of perfect managing which is pure benefit for all our clients.


Our technology is based on Microsoft ASP and external models (Active X ingredients).

For example: file uploads, sending e-mails, etc.

The data base is based on Microsoft SQL, which is the most reliable data base available.

The data base got the ability to absorb a large amount of information without any failures.


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